"Tejiendo sueños desde lo ancestral al mundo" / "Weaving dreams from the ancestral to the world"

Our story


Weaving dreams from the ancestral to the world


From very young Julia Cañari she lived with fabrics and wool, alpacos and llamos in her house in the Chilean Altiplano (highlands). She comes from a family of weavers, the one that has transmitted her art, from several generations allowing her to perpetuate her ancestral roots.
At the age of 8 she start weaving, thanks to the teachings of her mother and grandmother, and in her moments of grazing, with little sticks of ñakatola (altiplanic medicinal plant) she wove clothes to her wrists like hats, vests and other things.


Her business in Putre, Wiñay Marka, Aymara word that means “eternal people.” (Or “eternal town”). Born from the idea of showing and selling their beautiful products woven with alpaca fibers. It is so fine clothes like vests, scarves, ponchos, dresses, blouses, gloves, among other products liked by tourists from Chile and the world, who visit Putre in the Province of Parinacota.

Prochile made her dream of exporting to the world a reality, sending the first sale to Belgium, where she shipped 45 kilos of products made of alpaca fiber. She also made her first order to the United States consisting of slippers and socks.

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