"Tejiendo sueños desde lo ancestral al mundo" / "Weaving dreams from the ancestral to the world"



Properties of the fiber of alpaca

Alpaca fiber has many positive characteristics that make it unique becoming lately the most desired by designers, sellers and customers for its thermal capacity, softness and strength. Alpaca fiber is considered one of the finest in the world and is currently very scarce in the market, which makes it more exclusive.


  • The fine alpaca fiber can reach 19 microns of fineness.
  • The alpaca fiber is 3 times stronger than that of the sheep and 7 times hotter.
  • Alpaca fiber has excellent insulating and thermal qualities by having microscopic air pockets inside, that also makes it lighter but still very hot.
  • Alpaca fiber has a silky sheen that is maintained despite production, dyeing or washing. The alpaca fiber does not contain oil fat or lanolin.
  • Alpaca fiber does not retain water and can resist solar radiation.
  • The alpaca fiber is resistant achieving very durable garments and easy care being a saving for people and greater care for our environment.
  • Alpaca fiber is hypoallergenic due to its great fineness.
  • Alpaca fiber has more than 22 natural brown and gray colors.
  • Alpaca fiber is not only spun, it can also be felted, obtaining beautiful cloths and manual alpaca felt.